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Phuket Lighting Design

by AVC Engineering

Light plays an essential role in our ability to perceive the world around us. So, what makes a room relaxing, a home inviting or a landscape interesting? How does light affect colour? What types of fixtures are used for which areas? How do you determine energy efficiency and the costs associated with various types of lighting?

Good quality of light can make our home or business comfortable, functional and fun places to be; where art and architecture look great, and friends and family love to visit. Our lighting can be both effective and efficient. Effective so it can affect performance, evoke a mood, light a task or provide safety and security. Efficient so we can use the least amount of energy and still get the desired look and feel. Effective and efficient lighting requires a mix of artistic and scientific skills.

A villa in Phuket at twighlight showing lighting design

Lighting works best when it’s used in layers. There are three main types of indoor lighting to consider and, ideally, each room will include all of them. They are:


Ambient Lighting in a restaurant

Also known as general lighting, ambient light fills the majority of the room and allows you to move around safely.


Accent lighting example in a restaurant

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular focal point, such as a piece of art or architectural detail.


Example of task lighting

As the name suggests, task lights are used to assist you in completing a particular function.

AVC‘s method of lighting design uses the following steps to provide a design that works for any given project.

  • Identify the requirements and present a concept
  • Determine the method of lighting
  • Calculate the lighting parameters
  • Choose the lighting fixtures
  • Coordinate with the architect, interior designer and builder
  • Inspect and focus the installation upon completion

Concept to Completion


AVC has designed lighting for a variety of projects from large entertainment installations to villas, restaurants and hotels. We specialise in unique projects, striving to come up with new ideas and concepts to achieve their goals, while standing out from all others. Another advantage with AVC lighting design is the ability to seamlessly work with our electrical engineering team, which saves time and money in the coordination and implementation of the design.

Lighting Design Exterior - Blue Tree Phuket

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